The @I_amGermany experience

That's what my Twitter profile looked like for a week.

That’s how my Twitter profile looked like for a week.

You know when you’re at a bar or a restaurant, sitting with a group of friends in one of those long, wooden tables, and a bunch of people you don’t know take the free seats next to you? I had the luck of meeting many nice folks this way here in Germany. I guess it’s the combination of beer, good food and a friendly, casual atmosphere that encourages people to be more open  around those long tables and simply listen to each others’ stories, reach out to total strangers and try to connect.

I experienced that same feeling as the curator of the @I_amGermany account. In the beginning, it was more like going on a blind date: I was worried that my life wouldn’t be interesting enough to tweet  about it for a whole week, that it would just be awkward or that I would make a faux pas in front of more than 3.000 people. But then I realized something: this isn’t just a question of talking about your life, but also of listening to other peoples’ stories and answering their questions.

And that was how I got to meet great people and discover at least a little bit about their lives. We chatted about learning languages, music, media habits, academic life and simple quotidian things. It was great seeing all these new Twitter handles pop up in my “Interactions” page, with their puns, questions, anecdotes and tips.

I’m usually a bit weary of talking about myself all the time, but I love getting to know other peoples’ realities. That’s one of the reasons I became a journalist in the first place. Thank you to all the people that reached out to me this week, you’re amazing! I hope we can keep in touch somehow and, who knows, maybe even gather around a long, wooden table at a bar sometime!